Senin, 29 November 2010

make the project work day

haii my blog .. miss a few days do not write on the blog .. Humm
because hindered by class schedules and coursework ...

okay, today I'm off school because there is no course schedule
and I spent time making the task of 2D animation and create animated logos

Humm ..

well, I make a storyboard for an animated task 2d
create a cartoon theme with a duration of 30 seconds
I think looking for ideas and taking the story from reality
the title "nenek siti dan ban bajaj"
and Thank God the already completed

scene 1 - 6

scene7 - 12

scene 13 - 18

wait for animated hehe
This logo may not be copied

My first drawing with color markers on paperand thinking to create a logo animation for children's filmsand I call "kids animation 2d"

I think giving the color of the love by anak2bright colors like pink, orange, orange, green, blue tosca etc.

This logo may not be copied

and I just do oneI will continue tomorrow

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